Thursday, 21 July 2016

EXO PLANET #2 - The EXO'luXion In Malaysia 2016


VCR Opening - EXO'luXion in Malaysia

El Dorado

Don't Go

VCR - My Turn To Cry

Call Me Baby


Source: Twitter

Note: This photo was taken by iphone camera. Sorry for the blurry images.

Till then, See you in next concert EXO! 

Countdown: EXO PLANET #3 - The EXO'rDIUM In Malaysia

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

EXO'luXion in Malaysia 2016 D-Day

Assalammualaikum hi!!
Yeyyyyyyyyy! D-Day!

Things I bring along to the concert:

  1. Ticket 
  2. Ic
  3. EXO Light stick
  4. Money
  5. Raincoat
  6. Mineral bottle + snacks
  7. Tissue
  8. Powerbank + phone cable
  • EXO t-shirt
  • Black shawl
  • Jeans
  • Small sling bag
  • Wedges (I suggested wear sneakers is better but because of my height not tall enough, I wore this one)
  • Sehun Light Headband
My Advice:
  • Please go to toilet first before enter the hall/stadium 
Bag; ig- zutter
T-shirt; ig- not remember
Light stick; fb- kpop shop 88

Heading to Dataran Merdeka

Happy face :))

Arrived! As u can see, there are empty tent
for EXO-L to wait there before enter stadium and I was
crowded with EXO-Ls
YASSS! I got mine Sehun light headband 
Her bias is Chanyeol while mine is Sehun
Excited to see our bias on the stage

My wish come true!



Tuesday, 19 July 2016

EXO'luXion in Malaysia Part 2

Assalammualaikum and hi!!

     After I have posted my experienced during ticket launched, now I wanna tell you my activities one day before concert.

    On 11th March 2016 at the afternoon, I prepared myself with memorised fanchants for each song, doing some checklist and searching a suitable shoes to wear for concert. I texted some of my friends cause I don't have any of wedges and yes one of them have it and let me borrowed for two days. That friend is Zureen. Thank you so much Zureen, you are my savior (cieee hihi) I also did some of breathing exercise for night which meet EXO at the airport and concert. 

With this, I can see my Sehun clearly from Rock X

     At night, one of the EXO fanpage informed that EXO estimate arrived KLIA around 10 p.m and I gerak dari rumah dalam pukul 9 malam and when I arrived I saw many EXO-Ls have waited there with their DSLR, banners dengan semangat berkobar-kobar nak jumpa EXO members and I started searching the suitable place to stand so I can see my Sehun clearly. I waited there about 1 hour after 10 p.m EXO tidak sampai-sampai lagi. Then, suddenly I heard they shouting like "aaaaaaa" "EXO" "EXO" and saw they running around so I thought EXO has arrived so I followed them running here and there but still I can't see any of EXO members. So I decided to stay and waited because I'm running out of breath and after 10 minutes I heard EXO-L's beside me said that EXO already arrived and gone after checked at the twitter. I was like "whaattttt" Rasa nak menangis pun ada sebab tak dapat jumpa Sehun sob sob sob 
Park Chanyeol
Source: Twiitter

     I saw some of lucky EXO-Ls posted EXO members arrived in Malaysia KLIA on twitter with little bit heartbroken. Rupanya, EXO members took a different route they rode train from KLIA and heading to their hotel. But it's okay because I can meet them at the concert. Yasss!

This was taken a week before concert

EXO'luXion in Malaysia Part 1

Assalammualaikum hi !!

Today I wanna write a post about my fangirl's attitude coming out when I knew EXO one of my favorite idol group from Korea come to Malaysia for their concert at Dataran Merdeka on 12th March 2016 at 8 p.m. Only god knows how my feelings when I knew about it. I felt like want to cry, super excited and freaking happy. Then, once I knew I quickly told my Ibu and begging her to go to the concert. Firstly, she said she want to take a time to think but I showed to her my interest towards EXO and I said to her many times that I really want to go so yasss my Ibu gave a green light yahoo!! Not enough with the concert, I also begging her to buy me a rock zone ticket, EXO t-shirt, and EXO lighstick. And she was okay with that maybe she knew her daughter's interest (maybe). While my dad, opah and siblings showing no interest with their faces means "suka hati lah".. That's mean no bantahan for me to go to EXO concert. woohoo!!

Star Planet FB page

Tix price ; Mine ROCK X ^^

     On the 16th January 2016, EXO ticket's concert launched at Sogo from 10 a.m. till 5 p.m. Alhamdulillah I've got bought my dream ticket which ROCK ZONE X. I queued there for almost 7 hours sebab gerak dari rumah around 8 a.m sampai Sogo around 9 a.m tunggu giliran lagi and finally around 2.15 I bought the tix. pheww extremely tired because I'm not in a good condition during queuing line (suddenly have stomachache). Thanks lil bro accompanied your sister, I will never forget your kindness. Too bad for him to followed me around cause he damnly dislike EXO (what to do bro)
so many EXO-L at the outside

lil bro and happy me, EXO-L
waiting area and they played EXO's playlist
Almost there...
We also got a poster exactly like hanging on the stage
I am the Lucky One

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Gathering with Classmates and Miss Zuriyanti

Assalammualaikum hi!

   Pada hari Selasa bersamaan 24/05/2016 pukul 7.30 malam aku dan classmates mengadakan final gathering maybe at Pizza Hut, Maluri untuk meraikan birthday Miss Zuriyanti dan makan bersama-sama. Kenangan yang manis sangat sebab seriously aku dengan diorang semua ni tak berapa rapat di dalam kelas include Miss Zu sebab aku bukan jenis peramah tapi bila dah ada peluang macam ni aku grab cepat-cepat untuk luangkan masa bersama classmates untuk sekali seumur hidup sebab manalah tau tiada lagi selepas ini kan. So, better I take this advantage to make a new memory to keep in my life and I will never erase this memory insyaAllah. Aku rasa beruntung dapat mengenali korang semua even in short term.

Examples like Zila, dia kawan rapat kepada Yaya and kakak dia jual cake dengan bakery semua ni. Linda Razak terkenal dengan lawak dia in class, she is the types of yang suka sakat orang. Syu seorang yang baik and baik hati. Marissa suka make up and lembut orangnya comel je. Zana seorang student serta kawan yang genius setiapp semester in dean's list *applause* Nasir pula aku akan cari di bila perlukan software atau movie yang latest atau outdated punya. Aku pasti akan cari dia. Yaya seorang yang baik dan tinggi serta gelak dia yang cute tapi kuat hehe Anna kawan baik kepada farisa, suka kacau orang dan very friendly. Devi is a genius same like Zana satu geng setiap semester in dean lists. Haniminho kaki korea, Shinee's hard fan, suka captain Yoo dari captain Jack Sparrow and baik macam Syu. Farisa unpredictable, kejap lawak boleh, kejap serius boleh, tapi itu ini semua tahu. Syamil lelaki kedua terkacak dalam kelas yang pertama jeng jeng jeng sebab ramai kata dia kacak but for me biasa saja because Oh Sehun is more handsome muahaha just kidding ye dia boleh tahan lah juga sampai semua suka dia. Syafiq pula pro in coding sebab dalam kelas IT dia dengan partner dia siap dulu aishh dan kawan baik kepada Azril (partner dia) Miss Zuriyanti tegas ada waktunya tapi baik macam Syu :)

See! Even though aku tak rapat tapi aku observe korang semua ni *emoji smiling face with sunglasses* Love you guys classmates and Miss Zu muah 

NurZila Muslim aka Zila Lim
Linda Razak aka Linda Razak (sama jer hehe)

Nur Syuhadah aka Syu
Marissa Shazana aka Cica

Zanalinda Mamyuni aka Zana

Nurhidayah aka Yaya

Nasir Azami aka Nasir

Zuliana Zulkiflee aka Anna
(pardon my teeth, itu effects light okay)
emoji *monkey covering it mouth*

Devi Bavani aka Devi
Nurul Hanisah aka Haniminho
Devi, Miss Zu, Yaya, Zila Lim

Our love
 (gementar nak buat love shape ni dengan miss actually,
I did it hooray)

Farisa Athirah aka far far

Syu and Hani


Devi and Miss kesayangannya

Marissa, Zana and Zila

Yaya and Syamil Izzat
(they exclude me called abang amel haha )

Miss Zuriyanti

Syamil and Syafiq

Awww so cute

I'm very happy

Linda and Syu

Birthday cake for Miss Zu
Not even half of the class but still happening :)